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IMMUN BIEST® - The best ever organic colostrum.

IMMUN BIEST® organic colostrum is the natural omnipotent nutrient source "Made in Germany". If you believe in the pure power of nature to boost your daily and athletic life, IMMUN BIEST® is your best choice. Try it. Feel it. You'll will love it.

IMMUN BIEST® is 100% bioactive food, which contains organic bovine colostrum (a.k.a. foremilk, first milk) from grass-fed cows. Only from certified ecological agriculture from Germany and Austria. IMMUN BIEST® contains several beneficial all in all natural nutrients like immune factors, amino acids and natural growth-factors.

These unique combination of bioactive nutrient substances in an natural proportion to each other could influence regulatory body processes and modulate those. In this manner IMMUN BIEST® may improve or support your recovery, metabolism processes, endurance, power and performance, could strengthen your immune system preventive, activate it during weakness such as illness or steaming it during overreaction like allergy.

Notice: Foremilk (bovine colostrum) has been disclaimed as food by law - it's not a food supplement.